Assessee Testimonials

MSAP was the best experience for me. I received a plethora of constructive feedback from my assessor. I feel that I have the tools to proceed with my career development plan especially with the rapid growth of my department and the opportunities to come.
Julie, UC Riverside
MSAP helped me to see myself as others see me. In going through the MSAP exercises, I found that some of what I thought of myself was accurate, and some was inaccurate and needed to be worked on. This program greatly assisted me in assessing my strong points and my weaknesses, and also assisted me in making a plan on how to make both better and stronger.
I highly recommend MSAP as it was eye-opening, thought provoking, and energizing.
Carlos, UC San Diego
I found the MSAP to not only be useful to me with identifying professional growth areas, but it also helped me to identify strengths that I could utilize in my current and future positions.
Jennifer, UC Riverside
It was an honor to be accepted into the program and receive so much valuable feedback. I want to make the most of it and stay on track. I feel like I have been given a boost to a brighter future.
Jerchel, UC Los Angeles
MSAP was a life-changing experience that allowed me to become crystal clear on my strengths and weaknesses and how others view me. The knowledge I gained from the exceptional team that coordinates this program and from my assessor pointed me in the direction of further training to maximize my performance. As a special bonus, one of my MSAP projects was moved up the chain of command and has since sprouted into a new program that benefits our students to this day. MSAP is the best program I’ve participated in as a UC staff member and I recommend it to anyone who wants to grow as a professional and person.
Nurit, UC San Diego

Assessor Testimonials

The development of talent is a core value of our department. MSAP is an excellent way to "walk the walk" while at the same time make a tremendous positive impact on the management skills of emerging leaders within our University.
Russ, UC San Diego
The greatest part about being involved with MSAP is being able to connect with the exceptional talent UC employees. As an assessor I have learned something from every one of the thirty six assesses I been fortunate enough to work with. Although we are there to assist the assessees on their personal discoveries, I learn something new about myself every day though their experiences.
Andy, UC Riverside
MSAP is a truly exceptional program! As an assessee it was career changing for me – a flip switched for me after participating in the program that led to me finding my true passion within UC. I have served as an assessor for over 10 years and find that experience equally as valuable. As an assessor I’ve challenged myself to really give the most valuable feedback to each of my assessees in the hopes that they have as rewarding an experience as I had as an assessee. In doing so I learn about myself each time and am able to use my experiences and insights to help fellow colleagues. It’s hard work, but so very worth it. The best part is hearing back from former assessees who have shared how their MSAP experience helped them in their career.
Julie, UC Davis
Being an assessor was one of my favorite experiences in my UC career. Learning how to be an assessor alongside such talented colleagues enriched me as a leader - strengthening my skills in developing my own team members at UCSB. I felt honored to participate in the privilege of assisting the development of my assessees. Our candid conversations of their experiences through different exercises was transformational, I think for all of us. It was such a rewarding experience working with dedicated UC staff committed to improving leaders and leadership systemwide.
Olga, UC Santa Barbara
Being an assessor with MSAP is intimidating at first. You feel great responsibility. But you are supported by the instructors, facilitators, and your cohort of assessors. It all works together to focus your effort on making the experience meaningful for the assessees. You invest a lot of energy during the program, and by the end you come away invigorated and realizing how much you learned.
Dawn, UC San Diego
MSAP is a great learning experience, whether you are an assessor or an assesse. You will be challenged, in a supportive environment, to grow and learn and to use your MSAP experience in a real world way back on your campus. MSAP is an investment in you!
Lou, UC Irvine
MSAP has been a tremendously valuable opportunity for me to meet and help develop some of the brightest minds within the UC system. The relationships I have developed with the mentees from my groups has grown into a two way conversation about leadership and development and I hope they last for years to come.
Brian, UC Davis
I truly believe that great managers make the world a better place. They engender happy employees, who bring that positivity home to engender happy families. Being an MSAP assessor is a great way to play a small but important role in that whole cycle of positivity.
Kia, Berkeley Lab