Program Information

The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is designed to strengthen the engagement and preparation of high potential UC supervisors, managers, and professionals. It offers an intensive, off-site, assessment center experience for early career managers. 

The program guides participants through a series of structured exercises and simulations observed by trained assessors who offer feedback about observed strengths and development areas. Subsequent, collaborative work after the program between the assessee participant and his/her sponsoring manager fine tunes a professional development plan designed to optimize assessment feedback.

  • Program Highlights

    The Management Skills Assessment Program is a unique assessment center experience which, over time, cumulatively builds a valuable talent pipeline that assists the University in supporting upward mobility and deployments of talent as workforce needs unfold into the future. It fosters institutional loyalty among assessee participants, teaches assessors from UC locations enlightened and effective management practices, and benefits sponsoring departments and their locations by improving their participants in a variety of important ways - performance, role effectiveness, morale, and self-confidence.  All program components promote alignment between the program itself, institutional workforce needs, organizational direction, and participants' aspirations at a critical time in the competition for talent in the marketplace.

  • Program Goals and Benefits

    The goal of MSAP is to address skill deficits and grow competencies that will prepare internal employees for future role opportunities in their UC workplaces.

    • Assessees who participate diligently follow through on their development plans and practice new management skills.
    • Assessors who attend the assessment center learn to observe and provide behavioral, objective, constructive feedback. They also hone their coaching skills.
    • Sponsoring supervisors of assesses are encouraged to give the assessee stretch assignments that will allow development on the job.
  • Program Fees

    The program fee for all participants is $1900.  Departments/locations are responsible for the fee as well as transportation costs. The participant cost includes food and lodging for three days and three nights, materials, assessments, etc.

    There is no registration or participation fee for assessors.  Travel costs are not covered by the program, and are the responsibility of the assessor.

  • General Eligibility Requirements - Assessees

    The program is best suited for high-potential individuals who have a demonstrated management career path (through education and/or experience).  Highest priority will be given to applicants who meet the following criteria:

    • Intended for individuals who have 1-5 years of supervisory experience
    • Applicants must have a minimum of one year of service at UC (past probation, career status) as of the application deadline
    • Career Tracks Level P3 or above; Administrative Officer 3 (or equivalent) or above;
    • Supervisor support is essential to the success of MSAP

    Various locations may have more specific eligibility requirements.  Contact your Location Coordinator for more information.

  • General Eligibility Requrements - Assessors

    Assessors are expected to be experienced managers who meet most of the following criteria:

    •     Coaching experience
    •     Employee development experience
    •     Experience leading or working with groups
    •     Ability to commit to attending two MSAP programs with two years
    •     Title and Pay Plan: MSP 1, equivalent, or above
    •     Career Tracks: Manager I

    Assessors receive a 2-day training prior to the program and additional training on-site to prepare them for their role.   If you are interested in serving as an Assessor, please contact your Location Coordinator.

  • Application - Assessees

    Prospective participants must complete an online application that requires information regarding education, employment history, and a self statement.  Your supervisor is required to complete a supporting statement before your application can be submitted.  For information on your location's application deadlines, and screening and selection process, please contact your Location Coordinator. The online application will be made available when we resume accepting applications for upcoming programs. 

    MSAP is offered twice each year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall.  Check with your Location Coordinator for your location's application deadlines.  Please check with your Location Coordinator for information on 2021 programs.

  • Application - Assessors

    New assessors should complete the assessor application prior to their participation in the program.  Returning assessors do not need to complete a new application, but will need to update the program coordinator if you have changes in dietary needs, emergency contact information, etc.  Please contact your location coordinator for more information.