Management Skills Assessment Program

Program Highlights

About the Program 

The Management Skills Assessment Program is a unique assessment center experience which over time, cumulatively builds a valuable talent pipeline that assists the University in supporting upward mobility and deployments of talent as workforce needs unfold into the future. It fosters institutional loyalty among assessee participants, teaches assessors from UC locations enlightened and effective management practices, and benefits sponsoring departments and their locations by improving their participants in a variety of important ways - performance, role effectiveness, morale, and self-confidence.  All program components promote alignment between the program itself, institutional workforce needs, organizational direction and participants' aspirations at a critical time in the competition for talent in the marketplace.

The assessee program components include:

Pre-program components conducted at the location include:

  •          A writing exercise
  •          A 360 degree feedback assessment
  •          Program Orientation
  •         Managerial In-Basket Simulation

Program components conducted at the UCLA Conference center include:

  •          Simulated UC management scenarios
  •          Behavioral feedback
  •          Development planning and goal setting workshops

Post-program components conducted at the location include:

  •          Completion of the development plan
  •          Regular meetings with supervisor as the development plan is implemented
  •          Meetings with assessors from the location as needed for support with the development plan.
  •          A 360 degree feedback assessment - one year following the program (recommended but not included in the program fee)


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