Management Skills Assessment Program

Selection Process and Program Fee


An online application must be completed and can be found at this website.  The application requires information regarding your education, employment history, and a self statement.  The supervisor of the applicant is also required to complete a supporting statement and commit to participate in the required post-program activities.

MSAP is offered twice each year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall.  Applications are typically accepted once a year for both the Spring and Fall programs, however, locations may choose to conduct program recruitment twice a year if necessary.  Check with your Location Coordinator for specific application dates for your campus.  Location Coordinator contact information and program dates can be found on this website.

Program Fee

Program fees vary by location.  Departments are responsible for the fee as well as transportation costs. The cost includes food and lodging for three days and three nights and a 360 degree feedback assessment.  Please check with your Location Coordinator for your location's participation fee.

Some locations offer scholarships for the program.  Contact your Location Coordinator for more information. 

There is no registration or participation fee for assessors, however, travel costs are not covered.

Selection Process

Assessee Selection Criteria

The program is best suited for high-potential individuals who have a demonstrated management career path.  Applicants must have one or more years of service at UC (past probation, career status) as of the application deadline. Supervisor support is essential to the success of MSAP. Highest priority will be given to individuals with: 

  •          Demonstrated management career path (through education and/or experience)
  •          One to five years of experience supervising or managing people or projects
  •          One to five years in current job
  •         Title and Pay Plan: ____ Assistant III Supervisor, equivalent, or above
  •         Career Tracks: Professional Level 3

 Assessor Selection Criteria

Assessors have found the MSAP experience to be valuable, personally and professionally, in addition to providing support to junior managers.  Assessors receive a 2-day training prior to the program and additional training on-site to prepare them for their role.  Assessors are expected to be experienced managers who meet most of the following criteria:

  •          Coaching experience
  •          Employee development experience
  •          Experience leading or working with groups
  •          Ability to commit to attending two MSAP programs with two years
  •          Title and Pay Plan: MSP 1, equivalent, or above
  •         Career Tracks: Manager I

If you are interested in serving as an Assessor, please contact your Location Coordinator.

The assessee and assessor selection process varies by location.  Please contact your location coordinator for more information.  

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